Welcome to MENSHEN!

MENSHEN is globally renowned for high-quality plastic closures and successful system packaging. As a reliable partner with 50 years of industry experience, we offer you innovative products and the highest level of quality.

Our plastic closures and packaging solutions set themselves apart with their functionality, safety, and design. As one of the leading manufacturers in the world, MENSHEN manufactures products for the cosmetics, chemical, detergents, and food industries.

Whatever your ideas and whatever challenges your products bring, see what we can offer. MENSHEN makes it happen.

MENSHEN for Hygiene products Working for your health and safety around the clock

The highly motivated MENSHEN team helps to provide closures to Healthcare and Fresh Food distribution systems in the whole of Europe. We produce under highest hygiene standards around the clock to ensure supply of disinfectants, washing liquid and fresh food for you.

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MENSHEN receives the "Patent of the month" award

Closure for the food industry with recyclates gets this rating

We are pleased to be among the "Patents of the Month" of the journal “neue verpackung” and would like to introduce "our" Gyro Gearlooses: Frank Römer, Leon Segref, Tim Gierse, Volker Kölsche, Christoph Czarnetzki and Frank…

Jan Valenthon new Head of Human Resources at Menshen Germany

Passing the baton at closure and packaging manufacturer Menshen: Andreas Schlinkert retires after 41 years. His position is taken over by 42-year-old Jan Valenthon on January 1, 2021.

Valenthon took on his first specialist and management tasks at a company in the manufacturing sector after studying business administration in Siegen. From 2014-2020, he moved to a medium-sized company in the metal and plastics…

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