MENSHEN – always the right solution.

MENSHEN products are just as diverse as the challenges they face. Appropriate, secure, and functional packaging is an important selling point in many industries and represents the product image.

As a global company, you can find MENSHEN products on a wide range of bottles, tubes, pouches, and system packaging. Our primary industries are cosmetics, detergents, chemicals, and food.

Our employees have extensive industry and market expertise and respond to changes competently and quickly. As your partner, we understand the relevant requirements and guidelines and guarantee you the highest level of safety, hygiene, and quality in our closures.

We know that each application has its own individual requirements. As a result, we can choose from various product properties and additional functions depending on the area of application. We would be happy to discuss the main properties of our closures with you, and we also develop special solutions on request that fully meet your requirements.

Learn more about our system packaging in the following industries:



Optimal and attractive packaging is a particularly important selling point in the cosmetics industry and conveys a particular product image. The design and function of tubes, bottles, and pouches play a key role in the purchase of cosmetic items.


Safety is of the utmost importance in the chemicals industry. Consequently, we draw on extensive industry expertise. Our secure closures with special additional custom properties are examples of our expertise in plastics processing.


The ability to simply open and close detergent closures while maintaining a high level of tightness is the added value of our products. Be it flip-top or measuring screw closures, MENSHEN has the right solution for every requirement.


Packaging for the food and drink industry must meet very special standards. MENSHEN offers the highest level of clean-room manufacturing for optimal food closures of the highest quality.


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