Donations handed over
to children’s and youth hostel in Olpe

How MENSHEN supports two important projects at once

The joy was great when MENSHEN’s management and works council came to visit the Balthasar Children’s and Youth Hospice. In their luggage they had an oversized donation check in the amount of 3,000 euros. An important contribution to support the work of this facility, which is unique in our region. The children’s and young people’s hospice is urgently dependent on donations, as only part of the care of seriously ill children and the care of their parents and siblings is covered by health and nursing care insurance. Special therapy offers, the child-friendly furnishing of the rooms and offers for the accompanying parents and siblings still have to be financed by donations. The facility manager Roland Penz was all the more pleased and explained that the money will be used for the planned renovation of the patient rooms. It is also remarkable that the handed over donation sum has been collected through the commitment for another project worth supporting.

In late summer 2020, MENSHEN decided to support our native bees and their populations. Because about 80 percent of our useful and wild plant species depend on the pollination work of the industrious bees, whose population has been declining for years. Good reasons for MENSHEN to get involved here, too. In the fall of 2020, a bee colony was set up at each of the MENSHEN locations in Finnentrop, Plettenberg-Kahley, and Sundern-Hagen, which are in good hands thanks to the professional care of a beekeeper. The harvested flower juice was filled into individual jars and offered to the employees of MENSHEN in a pre-Christmas campaign. The response was overwhelming. Within a few days, more than 600 jars of honey were sold. The sales price was often generously rounded up. Some colleagues donated considerable sums, combined with the words: “I am not a big honey fan, but I would like to support”. A heartfelt “thank you” goes to the entire staff for their great support and commitment. In total, more than 2,000 euros were collected, which MENSHEN rounded up to an impressive 3,000 euros. Thus, MENSHEN was able to support two important projects and institutions. A continuation of the commitment this year is also certain.