Coronavirus Updates

We are continuously monitoring updates on the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world. MENSHEN Management would like to stay close to its business partners to ensure transparent and informative communication regarding protection of our employees, customers, business partners and local communities. We see it as our utmost duty to take all viable steps in protecting our workforce and their families as well as our business partners from any harm working for us.

We would like to inform you that MENSHEN has established an internal Task Force that meets every two days to actively monitor the situation. As an outcome we have rolled out a specific safety plan and introduced several measures to prevent and contain the virus at a company level. The safety plan covers all areas of involvement of people in our facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into and within our operations.

The following key measures, amongst others, are in place until further notice.

  • Work from home and social distancing policies – whenever and wherever possible for all relevant staff. Access to social rooms is restricted.

  • Suspension of business trips, regional and international

  • Visits from external people to our sites are only by exception and need to undergo a pre-assessment on beforehand to assess risk of accepting

  • External maintenance support – only under clearly defined conditions

  • Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection programs have been further intensified, and will be further adapted according to needs

  • We have a delivery policy for all supplies to our factories so that suppliers do not need to enter our premises any more and a strict „one at a time“ can be respected

MENSHEN has also created backup plans for specific articles that allow us to supply from different production locations.

In addition, and based on constant communication with local authorities and departments of health in each country, we have implemented several regulation-based actions. Thanks to all these actions, we can provide the utmost safety for our employees, and secure continuity of production and supply chains for our customers.

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