Jan Valenthon nuevo Jefe de Recursos Humanos de Menshen Alemania

Valenthon asumió sus primeras tareas especializadas y de gestión en una empresa del sector manufacturero después de estudiar administración de empresas a partir de 2007. De 2014 a 2020, se trasladó a una empresa mediana de la industria de procesamiento de metales y plásticos como gerente de recursos humanos. "Menshen tiene ganas de volver a casa ahora", nos dice Valenthon, que creció en la región de Sauerland. "Aquí tengo mucha libertad creativa y puedo hacer que ocurran muchas cosas junto con mi equipo".

Además de dirigir un equipo de ocho personas, sus responsabilidades incluyen todo el trabajo de recursos humanos. "Básicamente, mi equipo y yo nos encargamos de todo lo que caracteriza el trabajo moderno de RRHH de la A a la Z", dice Valenthon. El licenciado en empresariales y abogado comercial con formación adicional como entrenador de empresas presta especial atención a la digitalización de los procesos. "Ganamos fiabilidad en los procesos y aumentamos nuestra eficiencia como resultado. En conjunto, ambos crean un margen para fortalecer nuestra marca de empleador y el marketing de personal".

Menshen ha sido premiado como mejor proveedor de Henkel

Menshen recibe el premio en particular por su excelente desempeño en la entrega, su excelente nivel de servicio y su fuerte compromiso con la asociación. "Henkel es uno de nuestros mayores clientes globales. Por lo tanto, estamos muy orgullosos y nos sentimos confirmados en nuestra elección de centrarnos claramente en los envases sostenibles", dice el Director de Ventas Eric Dauer. "Esto es un gran éxito para todo el equipo de Menshen." 

MENSHEN takes its responsibility for the protection of the environment and sustainability seriously

(Finnentrop) Species extinction is up to 1,000 times faster than the natural evolutionary loss. There are too many detrimental influences which are the cause of a sudden collapse of entire bee colonies.

We take counteractive measures not only in sustainable energy management but also by actions for improving the ecological balance.

Together with the start-up company BEE-RENT, MENSHEN puts up colonies of bees at the Plettenberg-Kahley and Sundern-Hagen sites. The bees will spend the winter in closed boxes and will resume their important work in the next spring. A BeeRent staff member takes care of the bees. The bees are and remain the property of BeeRent; however, MENSHEN receives the honey harvested from the environment of the site and will give them to customers and staff members as a "Greeting from the Sauerland".

We use resources from our region such as water and energy, Simone Hesener says, and wish to make sure that our cultural landscape is preserved. We will make further contributions for ensuring this.

Borealis and MENSHEN launch new packaging closures made of post-consumer recycled resin to enable more sustainable living

Borealis and MENSHEN, a leading specialist for plastic closures and packaging systems, have collaborated on a series of 10 packaging closures based on Borcycle™, an evolving recycling technology which transforms polyolefin-based waste streams into value-adding versatile solutions. Borcycle is used to manufacture a range of compounds made of recycled polyolefins (rPO) which are ideal for use in sophisticated rigid packaging applications. This evolving technology unites the Borealis recycling and compounding expertise with its own Borstar® multi-modal and nucleation technologies. These packaging solutions are predominantly made for use in laundry and homecare and include also 2K closures.


MENSHEN employs a rigorous process to ensure that the quality of the post-consumer recycled (PCR) material selected for a closure is in perfect alignment with its required functionality. In the course of collaboration, Borealis and MENSHEN determined that Borcycle™ UG522MO, a polypropylene (PP) compound made of 50% PCR content, would be the ideal choice for the new closures, as it offers:

  • Potential reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 15% when compared to use of comparable virgin PP in similarly demanding packaging solutions

  • Reliable and consistent high quality, making it ideal for rigid packaging applications

  • A ready-made, drop-in solution with processability rivalling virgin polyolefins

  • Excellent end-of-life recyclability in existing PCR streams.


“A core pillar of the Borealis EverMinds™ mind-set is that value chain collaboration is essential to making plastics more circular,” says Meta Cigon, Borealis Marketing Manager Consumer Products. “Teaming up with MENSHEN to deliver high-quality closures made of 50% recycled PCR is proof positive that innovation and teamwork can move the industry closer to a circular economy. We are helping build a better tomorrow with each step by reinventing for more sustainable living.”


“The functionality of a closure may be affected by natural variations in PCR materials. By leveraging our respective areas of expertise, MENSHEN and Borealis can determine which ratios of recyclate and virgin material are appropriate for which applications,” explains Ulrich Fleischer, MENSHEN Head of Sustainability. “We are pleased to collaborate with Borealis in fulfilling growing demand among our own customers as well as retailers and end consumers for a broader spectrum of sustainable, yet high-quality packaging options.”

Newsletter Edition 02: Recycling in focus.

What exactly differentiates mechanical from chemical recycling and where are the advantages of both technologies? Find answers in the new MENSHEN newsletter.

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Special times – special solutions

As a „system relevant“ production facility it was a real challenge for MENSHEN to keep the 24/7 shift production going during the Corona pandemic.

So far we were succesful in staying „virus free“ and fully compliant with local regulations on social distancing.

However, times of social „shut-down“ and strict border closures require new solutions when a highly sophisticated production unit requires technical maintenance, introduction and commissioning of new tools as well as enabling „virtual“ visits of our After Sales Service team at customer production lines.

Jochen Mahrenholtz, the Managing Director operations summarizes it: „Our customers are expected to maintain a smooth production for disinfectants and laundry and homecare articles even during difficult times. We need to keep their supply chain going and respect the strictest hygiene and contact regulations – AR enables us to build the necessary „closeness“ to our sometimes far away partners with a fantastic result. This is why we have introduced Augmented reality Glasses into our standard processes for technical maintenance and commissioning as one of the first Injection molding companies.“

There are advantages for everybody:

  • No more time consuming travelling to production facilities – saving of cost and CO2
  • Shortened start and ramp up process
  • Virtual technical support – connection to the software solutions of the tool maker and adjustments in one go
  • Training „on the job“ for local machine operators and setters

MENSHEN – Sustainable Innovative Packaging

Pilot Project Personal Protective Equipment

For the official start of school on May 4th, 2020, the municipality of Finnentrop also considered how it could be designed in compliance with all hygiene rules. Mayor Dietmar Heß and the alderman Ludwig Rasche had an idea. There should be an additional, personal piece of soap for each student. True to the motto: A piece of personal protective equipment for every student. With the local injection molding company Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG, the right contact for this pilot project was quickly found. Large quantities of soap were procured, the lid was manufactured in-house and with the kind support of the HENKEL company, a crucible was converted into a soap box. In a short time, a personal soap box was created for each of the 1,200 students in the municipality of Finnentrop. This project was of direct concern to the managing directors of MENSHEN, Ludger Braukmann and Jochen Mahrenholtz and they were happy to be able to make a contribution back to “everyday life”.

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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Since many years we accept and take our responsibility for a circular economy when dealing with valuable raw materials by testing, sampling and assessing permanently the use of recyclates from different sources. We seek a balance between sustainability, quality and functionality and thus vary the recyclate content in our closure solutions. This helps protecting the environment by using less energy and recycled post consumer waste.

More information on our products and technologies have been put together in our quarterly newsletter.

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Welcome to Düsseldorf - Welcome to the Interpack 2021

Interpack - the indispensable event for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and non-food sectors such as cleaning agents or the chemical industry. If you want to pack, you will find it here. No other packaging trade fair worldwide covers the entire value chain. And only at interpack you will find solutions and concepts for all industrial sectors. MENSHEN naturally exhibits. MENSHEN is there with sustainable packaging solutions. Whether sophisticated dosing options, closures made from recycled materials or trend-setting technologies for sealing bags made of monomaterial. We warmly welcome you to our stand in Hall 7.1, D18 / D24. Immerse yourself in the packaging world with us and be excited. We look forward to you!

MENSHEN is now ISCC Plus certified

The ISCC Plus certificate recognizes companies that meet the sustainability requirements of government, customers and end users. It is a globally recognized standard that makes it possible to track the sustainability of products across the entire process chain.

ISCC Plus thus ensures that

  • greenhouse gas emissions are reduced,

  • biomass is not produced on high biodiversity and high carbon stock,

  • "good agricultural practices" are applied for the protection of soil, water and air,

  • human rights, labour and land rights are respected.

The ISCC Plus certificate documents that MENSHEN uses and processes plastics that meet the high requirements of the certificate. MENSHEN thus makes an important contribution to ensuring transparency and traceability for the consumer of sustainable food packaging.


Con las noticias MENSHEN estará al corriente e informado acerca de las novedades más importantes en torno a la empresa MENSHEN y sobre nuestros productos.

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