MENSHEN Member of the Energy Efficiency Network of IK

Saving energy not only brings economic benefits, but is above all very sustainable. The issue of energy efficiency is a central topic to the international competitiveness of the German economy and the climate protection. The IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. is therefore also committed to greater energy efficiency in the plastic packaging industry. Since the beginning of July 2017, IK has been a co-signatory of the Germany-wide initiative Energy Efficiency Networks of the Federal Government. Together with 22 business associations, the initiative, under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics, is committed to creating around 500 new networks by 2020. The stated goal is to save 5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions through network work. Likewise, in the summer of 2017, IK launched a first energy efficiency network in the industry. The network participants regularly meet to exchange experiences and ideas around the subject of energy efficiency and agree on a concrete savings goal. MENSHEN is one of 18 member companies of this initiative.

Force Majeure

You will have heard through the media that Ducor and Total – significant manufacturers of thermoplastic granules in Europe – have reported Force Majeure for their production facilities in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and France. This means that bottlenecks may occur in supplies to the European market of certain plastic pellets which may result in the complete incapability of these manufacturers to supply.

On the basis of today’s planning options, MENSHEN, and thus our customers, will not be impacted by these shortages. Thanks to a prudent planning and procurement policy together with the selection and ordering of suitable alternative products, we have been able to stockpile appropriate quantities. As a result, it can be assured that, from today’s perspective, production will continue without interruption and will not come to a standstill for this reason. MENSHEN can consequently give the all-clear for all confirmed orders!

Yet another example of MENSHEN’s far-sightedness and market proximity. Perhaps we can convince you of our performance capability in future as well; not only regarding our circumspect procurement of the necessary raw materials, but also where our convincing development and project work is concerned.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Misión comercial por el sur de África

El director general de MENSHEN Iber, junto con una delegación comercial, estuvo de viaje de negocios por el sur de África para visitar unos clientes potenciales y establecer y profundizar relaciones comerciales. Los lugares visitados fueron Maputo en Mozambique, Johannesburgo y Durban en Sudáfrica y Lusaca en Zambia. Esta consejería comercial fue organizada y patrocinada por la Cámara de Comercio Española en cooperación con las delegaciones de comercio exterior de la Embajada Española.


Latest Generation of High-Resolution 3D Printing

The option to produce prototypes, samples or even injection molds using a 3D printer has been around for some time. However, as with every new technology that is put on the market, the first generation is frequently prone to “teething troubles” and details need to be optimized.

With this in mind, it has been worth our while to wait a bit. With the Form2 desktop printer by formlabs, MENSHEN can now produce printed models – even large-scale ones – with an excellent resolution. And the process no longer takes several days, but rather only a few hours. MENSHEN is consequently in a position to produce high-resolution prototypes and models of closures and other packaging solutions that are accurate in every detail. This can be done flexibly and at short notice, and without being dependent on other service providers.

The resulting parts have an outstanding, smooth surface quality that resembles PP. The items can therefore be examined as regards function, design and details and, if necessary, optimized before starting batch production. And all made possible with the latest generation of 3D printers.

Sophisticated Technology – New Injection Molding Machines

Packaging has been part of people’s daily lives for many years. After all, no matter whether it is food, cosmetics, cleaning agents, chemicals or other everyday goods, most of the things we need would break, get lost or perish before they reached us – were it not for packaging. The closure as the “top of the pack” plays a very special role in this. Besides its most important property – namely to prevent leakage – it is an eye-catcher on the retail shelf, draws attention to the pack as a whole, and contributes significantly to the success of the product. Because requirements on the closure are so high, it is one of the most highly developed products of our time. This is a challenge that MENSHEN has been meeting for more than 45 years.

Consequently, a closure must not only keep the pack tightly sealed, but also be easy to open and close, feel pleasant in use, and at the same time look good. This means that the manufacturing methods also have to be continuously advanced, optimized and adapted to the needs of the market.

This is where so-called cube molds play an important role. The use of this type of tooling is a remarkably efficient alternative when producing closures made of different components, materials and/or colors. Cube molds are characterized in that they have not only one tooled surface as is the case with conventional molds. Instead, four sides of the cube are utilized for molding, with all the phases needed in the production process taking place at the same time. While the first component or color is injected at the first station, cooling is carried out at the second one, the second part of the closure is produced at the third station, and the finished parts are ejected at station 4. After that, the mold rotates and the process starts again. The cycle is very fast and thus extremely productive.

Special machinery is called for when utilizing these cube molds; machines that meet the specific demands of this manufacturing technology. MENSHEN have now taken delivery of an injection molding machine that fulfills just these conditions. A heavy-duty crane was needed to heave this particular machine – weighing about the equivalent of 35 middle-class automobiles - from the truck prior to being transported to the designated production hall. Two further, identical machines are to follow in the second half of the year. Besides the construction of a new, additional production hall, this will be a further investment in the Finnentrop site.

MENSHEN with new booth at the Interpack

From May 4 to 10, 2017, 2,865 exhibitors from 60 countries presented their products and services to a highly interested professional audience at the Düsseldorf exhibition center. Of the 170,500 visitors to the trade fair, 74 percent came from abroad; of these, three quarters were decision-makers.

The motto at this year’s Interpack was “Tightly packed”, so the focus was on packing product to keep it safe and sound. This fits perfectly to us and our products – after all, we at MENSHEN provide reliable solutions that are in line with the market and meet its demands. The most frequently asked questions in our branch of industry are: “How can packs be securely closed and at the same time easy to open?” or “How can dispensing be kept simple, accurate and, above all safe and clean?”

At the Interpack, we were able to measure up to international competition with confidence. This is because we are fast and flexible and never stop working on the optimization of our products and services. Only in this way is it possible to satisfy the constant changes in market trends and the related requirements of our customers. And of course we give the sustainability aspect high priority by dealing prudently with limited resources and keeping a sharp eye on environmental safety.

On our new Interpack booth, all this was on display. With 160 square meters of exhibition space, it was the ideal setting for talking to existing customers and making contact to new prospects. A highly motivated, dedicated and professional team made up of staff members from the various MENSHEN locations all over the world welcomed our international visitors who were full of praise for the new trade show stand, the underlying exhibition concept and, not least, for the positive, harmonious booth team.

Our motto for presenting our products and broad range of services was “GET READY”. These two words were also intended to express our readiness to break new ground together with our partners, to implement projects and to try out new ideas. On your marks – Ready – Go!

The centerpiece of the booth was the “MENSHEN 360° Circuit” where visitors could obtain important facts and figures about the stages in the life of a closure and the comprehensive proposals on offer at MENSHEN – from conception to series production. As in a modern museum, interactive touch screens were provided to access key words, presentations, animations and brief movie sequences, giving visitors a vivid experience of the individual elements of the MENSHEN performance spectrum.

Once again, this year’s Interpack definitely provided the ideal platform for us to present MENSHEN products, services and innovative spirit.

A polite dosing system

The SilverPack “Polite Packaging” Award, initiated by the Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Saarbruecken / Zurich, has been presented this year for the ninth time. The award is conferred on packaging solutions that consistently focus on consumers as well as their needs and abilities, thus deserving the designation “Polite Packaging” – polite to users, polite to the environment and polite to the content.

On February 7, Frank Zeppel and Stefan Wolff from MENSHEN were proud and pleased to accept the certificate during the Innoform Conference in Osnabrueck. The award-winning product is “one2dose”, the dispensing closure made by MENSHEN. The jury’s text at the prize-giving ceremony reads: “Its main strength is its ability to accurately dispense liquids and granules. The closure always releases a defined quantity of product – exactly and without mess. With washing detergent, for instance, it is no longer necessary to guess the amount or arduously read the instructions. Excessive detergent is a thing of the past and this is good for groundwater and the oceans as well. Additionally, “one2dose” enables easy dispensing with just one hand. This enhances the degree of convenience of the closure even further.”

As of now, “one2dose” is entitled to bear the “Polite Packaging” label. A great example of the innovative spirit at MENSHEN and the high level of functionality and practicality of the closure solutions developed there.

The latest news on construction, modification and extension measures

Despite the bitter cold, ice and snow, work on the new halls and buildings has been continued speedily and on schedule. Recently, the façade of the newly constructed docking bays has started to gleam in an attractive, modern look (s. photo). And plenty has happened in the indoor areas in the past weeks: The floor is already finished and other modification and moving measures have been started or are still ongoing.

Construction of an Additional Production Hall

The erection of the new hall will create a cohesive production complex which, on the one hand, will prevent unauthorized access and, on the other, provides the preconditions for integrating additional production facilities. Following the partial demolition of a former hall, this space is now being renovated to accommodate the Logistics, Shipping and Customs sections. Once the new hall has been erected, a modern central area for Quality Assurance will also be installed.

The implementation of these building measures takes into account the latest construction engineering standards, including the conversion of the lighting systems to LED technology. On the whole, however, great store is being set on ensuring that as much daylight as possible can enter the hall. 

Moldeo por inyección-soplado en MENSHEN - in.blow

Con la tecnología del Injection Blow Molding o IBM (siglas en inglés de «moldeo por inyección-soplado»), MENSHEN ofrece un nuevo proceso de fabricación. Gracias a la colaboración con una empresa espanola, MENSHEN puede ofrecer a sus clientes este tipo de tecnología exclusiva en el mercado. Como bien indica el nombre, el IBM combina el moldeo por inyección y el moldeo por soplado. Para ello, en primer lugar se inyecta el polímero fundido en la cavidad en la que se produce la forma provisional; a continuación, se sopla la forma definitiva mediante aire a presión. El material se reparte de una manera tan uniforme que no se requiere un procesamiento posterior y no se generan residuos. El IBM permite crear medidas exactas en los cuellos de las botellas y que las soldaduras sean casi invisibles.

Más ventajas:

  • Proceso repetible sin reajuste 
  • No se requiere cambiar la máquina de inyección 
  • No se necesitan máquinas adicionales 
  • Tiempos de ciclo más cortos 
  • Hasta 32 cavidades 
  • Se necesita menos personal 
  • Volumen de llenado de 5 ml hasta 2 000 ml 
  • Aplicable para PEAD, PEBD, PP, PS, PC

Contacte con nosotros, le asesoraremos encantados.


En todo el mundo, compañías de procesamiento de plástico y otras asociaciones participan en la iniciativa “Cero pallets perdidos” para prevenir la pérdida de los pallets de plástico a lo largo de la cadena de suministro. Los estudios sobre los residuos plásticos muestran que pequeñas cantidades de plástico penetran en la red de agua, llegando a los océanos (junto con otros elementos), donde crean enormes acumulaciones de desperdicios, conocidos como basura marina.
La cantidad de basura marina actual se estima en unos 100 millones de toneladas, de las cuales una gran parte es plástico. Las asociaciones de plástico de todo el mundo han asumido la responsabilidad en este tema y piden a las empresas que procesan plástico que tomen parte en la iniciativa “Cero pallets perdidos”.
Menshen está participando en esta iniciativa con total normalidad y puede confirmar a modo de declaración que:

-       Se dan las condiciones técnicas y organizacionales necesarias para prevenir que los pallets puedan verterse y asegurar que aunque la granza se derrame, no pueda llegar al medio ambiente.

-       Los empleados están formados para evitar los derrames de granza, y en caso de necesidad, para remediarlo efectivamente.

-       La efectividad de estas medidas es revisada regularmente.


El 23 de Abril, la señal sonó de nuevo en Sundern marcando el inicio del clásico “Mega Sports” primaveral – la ya tradicional carrera MTB a través de lugares típicos de Sauerland. Al igual que en años anteriores Menshen estuvo presente de nuevo como patrocinador cuando los 1.600 ciclistas partieron por la mañana.
Este año, todos los competidores recibieron por sorpresa un aumento de energía en su pack de inicio: una barrita de muesli que les ayudó a recargar sus baterías y fue una dulce bienvenida. 



Con las noticias MENSHEN estará al corriente e informado acerca de las novedades más importantes en torno a la empresa MENSHEN y sobre nuestros productos.

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