Acting responsibly for the future.

MENSHEN is renowned for expertise, individuality, dedication, and sustainability. As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic closures and system packaging, we are aware of our global responsibility.

We are motivated by customer-oriented thinking and actions. Be it individual closure solutions, complex tasks, or the highest safety standards, MENSHEN offers its customers collaboration and quality without compromise.

At MENSHEN, we know that the future brings many opportunities. It is therefore our mission to continually develop and respond dynamically to market requirements. In order to set new standards over the long term, it is necessary to be a step ahead of the pack. We will continue to strive toward this goal consistently in the future, so that we can ensure our customers a high level of versatility and technological progress.

MENSHEN is globally renowned for its commitment to humanity and the environment, as well as its long-term dedication and vision in its actions.

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