Menshen awarded
IHK World Market Leader

Photo award ceremony, source: IHK Arnsberg Hagen Siegen

MENSHEN has again been awarded the seal of world market leader. We are one of 165 hidden champions from South Westfalia which include

World market leaders, with top performance and cutting-edge technologies.

We were recognised as a specialist for closure solutions, especially in the field of weldspouts (Pouch Inserts) and closures for specialty chemicals.

IHK Weltmarktführer – Südwestfalen (

The selection includes companies from the automotive, electrical, mechanical engineering and building technology sectors. Such as Abus, Dornbracht, Hella, Infineon Technologies, Kirchhoff Automotive and many others.

Our sister company STAUFF was also confirmed as the world market leader  for Hydraulic Pipe, Tube and Hose Clamps


STAUFF Confirmed as World Market Leader for Hydraulic Pipe, Tube and Hose Clamps | STAUFF

What are the key characteristics of world market leaders?

1. Entrepreneurial personalities who display high performance with authenticity and enthusiasm.

2. Corporate management with a robust,  long-term management plan.

3. Claiming leadership from markets, competitors and customers by defining the rules and setting the market standards

4. Hidden champions are  familiar with their customers. They are relationship-oriented, not price-oriented.

5. High levels of research enables a holistic development in technologies, products, processes. Which leads to exceptional innovation performance.

6. Innovation activities are driven by advances in technology and market development. Innovation success is only measured by its market performance.

7. Hidden champions strive for global market leadership within their market niche.

8. Specialization in technological terms is combined with global sales and marketing expertise.

9. High performance is achieved in product technology, quality and service.

10. Trust in our own strengths: High vertical integration and little outsourcing.

Characteristics of global market leaders

IHK Weltmarktführer – Südwestfalen (

“Medium-sized global market leaders are successful role models for entrepreneurship worldwide and are synonymous with technologically strong growth companies. They stand for commitment and perseverance in producing technologically outstanding innovations, with which they achieve long-term market success worldwide despite all crises and changes. They achieve this through continuous adaptation and change. This gives them remarkable resilience, which should give them courage and confidence for the current transformations.”

Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Büchler: Hidden Champions Case Compendium – Leading Global Markets; Heidelberg, 2024.


Source: Success factors and quotation taken from website

Wesensmerkmale der Weltmarktführer – IHK Weltmarktführer (

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