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Our Innovative Tethered Caps!

At MENSHEN, we are dedicated to creating packaging solutions that not only enhance user experience but also prioritize safety and sustainability. A good example is our innovation: Tethered Choke Safe Cap. This design sets a new standard in the packaging industry, ensuring that our products are safe, eco-friendly, and efficient.

Enhanced Safety Design

Our Tethered Choke Safe Cap is meticulously designed to prevent choking hazards, providing the utmost safety for end-users. This innovation is particularly crucial for products intended for children, where the risk of choking is a significant concern.

Eco-Friendly Solution

In line with MENSHEN’s commitment to sustainability, our Tethered Choke Safe Cap is crafted to prevent littering, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Superior Performance

Tethered Choke Safe Caps exceed EU directive requirements, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. Designed to withstand forces beyond the standard requirements, these spouts provide superior performance, reinforcing their reliability and safety.

Uninterrupted User Experience

The design of MENSHEN’s Tethered Choke Safe Caps ensures no interference between the spout and the user’s face, offering an uninterrupted and pleasant drinking experience. This attention to detail enhances user satisfaction, making closures preferred choice for manufacturers looking to deliver a seamless product experience.

Seamless Integration

One of the standout features is their compatibility with existing filling lines. This seamless integration means that manufacturers can implement our spouts without the need for significant modifications, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining efficiency in production processes.

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