Three concrete measures
one important goal

Climate protection is what everyone is talking about, and for good reasons. Years ago, the Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG set out to operate in an increasingly sustainable manner. Why? Because sustainable action is the central prerequisite for protecting our environment and slowing down climate change. In the context of climate protection, we are taking a very big step: We are already to a large extent climate-neutral in car traffic and in our internal delivery traffic. Furthermore, we have already made great efforts and have taken measures that help to counteract the threat of climate change and to minimize CO₂ emissions.

That’s why, we are focusing on three central and very practical measures for more climate protection:

1. E-mobility in our company car fleet: We rely on e-mobility for journeys between the sites in the Sauerland region. This also applies to field service and our pool vehicles. It means that hardly any vehicles with combustion engines are still in use.

2. Internal delivery traffic: Some time ago, we switched from the classic truck trailer to the so-called Eurotrailer, which allows us to transport around 8.5 m³ more volume per tour. In addition, we now use gas-powered vehicles for our shuttle trucks.

3. Air travel: This year, the number of air trips made by our employees originating in Germany was reduced by a full 80%.

4. Offsetting CO₂ emissions: The CO₂ emissions of the combustion engines still in use at our company, are 100% compensated through the use of the DKV Card CLIMATE.

In total, MENSHEN was able to save around 95,000 kg of CO₂ this year through sustainable mobility alone.

This large package of measures is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the LUKAD Group of Companies, to which we also belong, because it reflects our guiding principle of “Think globally, act regionally” in very practical terms in our day-to-day business.

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