for recyclable stand-up pouches

An Economical and sustainable concept for the production of recyclable stand-up pouches

With its innovative solution for the in-house production of pouches with spouts, SN Maschinenbau and SÜDPACK have opted for MENSHEN LoTUS™ technology. It offers a sustainable, economical alternative to premade pouches for manufacturers and fillers of thick and thin products. Including fruit purees, smoothies and non-food liquids.

The concept is based on high performance machine technology and recyclable polypropylene film.  The machine and polymer film components have been perfectly harmonized to offer maximum process and packaging reliability. The principle is also ground-breaking in iterms of quality, cost effectiveness and flexibility.  With the use of recyclable mono materials it also provides a benefit in terms of sustainability.

Pouch inserts with the MENSHEN LoTUS™ technology can be combined with the mono material pouch.  This is possible as the heat distribution and conductivity have been optimised via the LoTUS design. When used correctly this saves energy and provides an efficient production process.

Further advantages of MENSHEN LoTUS™

  • Simplified sealing with monomaterials
  • Recyclable monomaterial solution
  • Improved sealing quality and visual appearance of the sealed area
  • Works with PE and PP
  • No impact on machine capacity

High flexibility and shorter time-to-market

The concept for in-house production of spouted pouches also offers significant advantages in terms of flexibility.

Advantages: The machine is flexible in that it can be converted for the production of pouches in different sizes, shapes and materials. Whether with simple round corner punching or with a full contour.  Including the option to have different shaped pouch inserts.  This allows producers to adapt quickly to changes in demand by shortening delivery times and the time-to-market. This concept can offer added value, not least in terms of resilience to disruptions in the supply chain.

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