Sustainability, environmental protection and recycling

Protecting the environment, conserving resources and using recyclables sensibly and sustainably - important topics
that are becoming increasingly important and which are daily drives for MENSHEN to promote
environmental protection and sustainability trough sensible measures and activities. The certified environmental and
energy management according to ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 as well as the participation in the energy efficiency network
of the industrial association of plastic packaging show among other things the agility of MENSHEN in the area of sustainability.

  • Our bypass filtration saves considerable amounts of hydraulic oil
  • Reduction of noise immissions through appropriate noise barriers
  • 50% reduction in gas consumption due to the complete modernization of the heating system
  • Using long trucks reduces pollutant emissions

MENSHEN Recyclates

Recyclates of the highest possible quality

  • Different recyclates and processing parameters have been tested together with experts for years
  • This enables us to achieve the highest possible quality of the recyclates we use
  • The focus is on post-consumer recyclates (PCR) and post-industrial recyclates (PIR)

Design for recycling

  • Our ambitious goal is to produce at least 25% of all articles from recyclates together with our customers
  • In order to promote and facilitate recycling, we are constantly working on developing and using packaging made of mono material
  • The “Reverse Spout Sealing Technology” is a successful example of the use of mono material in pouch packaging
  • MENSHEN already uses recyclates in articles for the food industry - made possible by chemical recycling

The availability of recycling materials is constantly increasing

PCR closures from MENSHEN enable the “Blue Angel" environmental label to be obtained


Recycled materials from MENSHEN correspond to the plastics strategy of the EU commission

Recycled materials protect our environment and our resources

Sustainable with plastic packaging

Plastic packaging and sustainability are not contradictory. If plastic is properly separated after use, it is ideal for recycling. Returned to material cycle after use, plastic packaging and packaging components contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.
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Recycling and recyclates – a topic that is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the packaging area. The besides standing video shows what MENSHEN connects with this topic.


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Since many years we accept and take our responsibility for a circular economy when dealing with valuable raw materials by testing, sampling and assessing permanently the use of recyclates from different sources. We seek a balance between sustainability, quality and functionality and thus vary the recyclate content in our closure solutions. This helps protecting the environment by using less energy and recycled post consumer waste.
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