Menshen becomes member in IKV

Top-Level Research is Important to Us

Since 1 March 2022, Georg MENSHEN is a member of the Association of Sponsors of the Institute for Plastics Processing in Industry and Trade (IKV) at the renowned RWTH Aachen University. By this the company is expanding its contact with top-level research in the field of plastics technology.

During the inaugural visit in mid-March, a Menshen delegation in Aachen underlined how important a close exchange between science and industry is to the company. “Innovations that achieve sustainable changes to the market only succeed together,” says Dr Klaus Skrodolies, who is responsible for innovation management for the worldwide Menshen Group as their Chief Innovation Officer. “Through the cooperation, we gain better access to scientific research results and networks for innovation and sustainability. At the same time, we can meet with scientists to discuss what is feasible for us in practice.”

“Innovation that achieve sustainable changes to the market only suceed together.”

Dr. Klaus Skrodolies, Chief Innovation Officer Menshen Group

The Scientific Director of the IKV, Prof. Dr. Rainer Dahlmann, also sees the advantages of the cooperation. “We have already had very insightful discussions in which we found many topics that we can build on in the future. I look forward to actively developing these topics together with Menshen.”

First visit on March 17, 2022

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