“Balthasar” visits
the Menshen bees

“Balthasar” visits the Menshen bees

In the context of the handover of donations from MENSHEN to the Balthasar Children’s and Youth Hospice in January (click here for the article), the idea came up to invite the guests of the facility, their siblings and parents, and of course also the staff of “Balthasar” to an excursion to the bees that produced honey so diligently last year. Beekeeper Thilo Maier, who looks after and cares for the MENSHEN bees, was immediately fired up by the good idea and had immediately agreed to tell about his extraordinary profession and the bees. A common date was quickly found and the excursion could be organised.

Today, children, parents, Elisa Thomsen and Ricarda Otto from the psychosocial team of the children’s hospice made their way to Finnentrop-Frielentrop to be shown and explained some very interesting and exciting information and details about bees and honey by Thilo directly at the beehive. With great weather and a good mood, this was a welcome and extraordinary excursion for all those who travelled with us.

A very special thank you goes to Thilo, who took a lot of time for the children and adults to give everyone a clear and comprehensible understanding of bee life and nature as a whole. “We would be happy to repeat this in spring when the bees resume their work after the winter break,” said the beekeeper at the end of the excursion. An informative and varied afternoon for all. By the way: honey can be kept almost indefinitely if stored properly.

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