Borealis and MENSHEN launch new packaging closures made of post-consumer recycled resin to enable more sustainable living

Borealis and MENSHEN, a leading specialist for plastic closures and packaging systems, have collaborated on a series of 10 packaging closures based on Borcycle™, an evolving recycling technology which transforms polyolefin-based waste streams into value-adding versatile solutions. Borcycle is used to manufacture a range of compounds made of recycled polyolefins (rPO) which are ideal for use in sophisticated rigid packaging applications. This evolving technology unites the Borealis recycling and compounding expertise with its own Borstar® multi-modal and nucleation technologies. These packaging solutions are predominantly made for use in laundry and homecare and include also 2K closures.


MENSHEN employs a rigorous process to ensure that the quality of the post-consumer recycled (PCR) material selected for a closure is in perfect alignment with its required functionality. In the course of collaboration, Borealis and MENSHEN determined that Borcycle™ UG522MO, a polypropylene (PP) compound made of 50% PCR content, would be the ideal choice for the new closures, as it offers:

  • Potential reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 15% when compared to use of comparable virgin PP in similarly demanding packaging solutions

  • Reliable and consistent high quality, making it ideal for rigid packaging applications

  • A ready-made, drop-in solution with processability rivalling virgin polyolefins

  • Excellent end-of-life recyclability in existing PCR streams.


“A core pillar of the Borealis EverMinds™ mind-set is that value chain collaboration is essential to making plastics more circular,” says Meta Cigon, Borealis Marketing Manager Consumer Products. “Teaming up with MENSHEN to deliver high-quality closures made of 50% recycled PCR is proof positive that innovation and teamwork can move the industry closer to a circular economy. We are helping build a better tomorrow with each step by reinventing for more sustainable living.”


“The functionality of a closure may be affected by natural variations in PCR materials. By leveraging our respective areas of expertise, MENSHEN and Borealis can determine which ratios of recyclate and virgin material are appropriate for which applications,” explains Ulrich Fleischer, MENSHEN Head of Sustainability. “We are pleased to collaborate with Borealis in fulfilling growing demand among our own customers as well as retailers and end consumers for a broader spectrum of sustainable, yet high-quality packaging options.”

Newsletter Edition 02: Recycling in focus.

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Special times – special solutions

As a „system relevant“ production facility it was a real challenge for MENSHEN to keep the 24/7 shift production going during the Corona pandemic.

So far we were succesful in staying „virus free“ and fully compliant with local regulations on social distancing.

However, times of social „shut-down“ and strict border closures require new solutions when a highly sophisticated production unit requires technical maintenance, introduction and commissioning of new tools as well as enabling „virtual“ visits of our After Sales Service team at customer production lines.

Jochen Mahrenholtz, the Managing Director operations summarizes it: „Our customers are expected to maintain a smooth production for disinfectants and laundry and homecare articles even during difficult times. We need to keep their supply chain going and respect the strictest hygiene and contact regulations – AR enables us to build the necessary „closeness“ to our sometimes far away partners with a fantastic result. This is why we have introduced Augmented reality Glasses into our standard processes for technical maintenance and commissioning as one of the first Injection molding companies.“

There are advantages for everybody:

  • No more time consuming travelling to production facilities – saving of cost and CO2
  • Shortened start and ramp up process
  • Virtual technical support – connection to the software solutions of the tool maker and adjustments in one go
  • Training „on the job“ for local machine operators and setters

MENSHEN – Sustainable Innovative Packaging

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Pilot Project Personal Protective Equipment

For the official start of school on May 4th, 2020, the municipality of Finnentrop also considered how it could be designed in compliance with all hygiene rules. Mayor Dietmar Heß and the alderman Ludwig Rasche had an idea. There should be an additional, personal piece of soap for each student. True to the motto: A piece of personal protective equipment for every student. With the local injection molding company Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG, the right contact for this pilot project was quickly found. Large quantities of soap were procured, the lid was manufactured in-house and with the kind support of the HENKEL company, a crucible was converted into a soap box. In a short time, a personal soap box was created for each of the 1,200 students in the municipality of Finnentrop. This project was of direct concern to the managing directors of MENSHEN, Ludger Braukmann and Jochen Mahrenholtz and they were happy to be able to make a contribution back to “everyday life”.


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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Since many years we accept and take our responsibility for a circular economy when dealing with valuable raw materials by testing, sampling and assessing permanently the use of recyclates from different sources. We seek a balance between sustainability, quality and functionality and thus vary the recyclate content in our closure solutions. This helps protecting the environment by using less energy and recycled post consumer waste.

More information on our products and technologies have been put together in our quarterly newsletter.

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Welcome to Düsseldorf - Welcome to the Interpack 2021

Interpack - the indispensable event for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and non-food sectors such as cleaning agents or the chemical industry. If you want to pack, you will find it here. No other packaging trade fair worldwide covers the entire value chain. And only at interpack you will find solutions and concepts for all industrial sectors. MENSHEN naturally exhibits. MENSHEN is there with sustainable packaging solutions. Whether sophisticated dosing options, closures made from recycled materials or trend-setting technologies for sealing bags made of monomaterial. We warmly welcome you to our stand in Hall 7.1, D18 / D24. Immerse yourself in the packaging world with us and be excited. We look forward to you!

MENSHEN is now ISCC Plus certified

The ISCC Plus certificate recognizes companies that meet the sustainability requirements of government, customers and end users. It is a globally recognized standard that makes it possible to track the sustainability of products across the entire process chain.

ISCC Plus thus ensures that

  • greenhouse gas emissions are reduced,
  • biomass is not produced on high biodiversity and high carbon stock,
  • "good agricultural practices" are applied for the protection of soil, water and air,
  • human rights, labour and land rights are respected.

The ISCC Plus certificate documents that MENSHEN uses and processes plastics that meet the high requirements of the certificate. MENSHEN thus makes an important contribution to ensuring transparency and traceability for the consumer of sustainable food packaging.

MENSHEN and Dow bring sustainable design to spouted pouches

Dow and MENSHEN, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of caps, closures and single-serve capsules, announce the new transformative Reverse Spout Sealing Technology that enables the production of spouted pouches made of mono-material films. This exciting technology allows converters to address the recycling criteria for flexible packaging and can help brands meet their sustainability packaging goals.

 “We basically reversed the idea of where and when the heat needs to be applied during the spout sealing process”, explained Dr. Peter Sandkuehler, Global Application Technology Leader at Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics business. “By transferring the heat from the pre-melted spout base directly to the sealant layer of the film, we’ve solved two challenges at the same time: how to easily seal spouts to mono-material films, and how to prevent the hard spout ribs from cutting into the film.”

The new process is designed to easily seal spouts in more heat sensitive, mono-material structures made from all polypropylene or all polyethylene packaging layers. Rather than traditionally applying the heat from outside the pouch forming film to melt the seal layer and the spout, the latter is pre-melted at its base before insertion into the pouch and sealing.

“The beauty of the process is its simplicity,” said Sarah De La Mare, Business Development Officer at MENSHEN. “It is actually more logical to apply the heat from the inside rather than from the outside, whether you use mono-materials or not. We are currently working with several machine manufacturers to ensure that this technology can be integrated into new and existing spouted pouch making lines.”

Reversing the traditional sealing process helps reduce the excess heat needed to be applied from the outside of the film to seal the inner, lower density film layers to a high-density spout base. At the same time, the packaging structure is less dependent on a film’s thermal resistance and film cut-in is avoided, resulting in good quality spout sealing and a pouch that looks great on the shelf.

 “At Dow, we have been working on expanding our portfolio of polyethylene-based mono-material solutions for several years. When looking at spouted pouch applications, we knew that changing this would not be an easy task and would require out-of-the-box thinking,” said Jaroslaw Jelinek, Marketing Manager for EMEA, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “What Dow and Menshen bring to the market today is a transformative technology that contributes to the plastic circularity goals that Dow and the entire industry have committed to.”

The introduction of the reverse spout sealing technology is the result of a remarkable three-year joint development between Dow and MENSHEN who are working with a number of partners on technology integration and assist brand owners and converters to put the new sealing approach into practice. Both companies are working with leading manufacturers of pouch-packaging machines worldwide in order to commercialize the technology.

The reverse spout sealing technology was successfully tested at Dow’s Pack Studios in Horgen, Switzerland, with MENSHEN spouts sealed in mono or laminate film structures containing Dow solutions such as DOWLEX™ 2750ST, ELITE™ 5960G in outer layers coated with OPULUX™ HGT and AFFINITY™ sealants.

The technology is suitable for most pouch sizes and for a wide range of applications – from baby food, condiments, and detergents, to personal care applications such as shampoos, shower gels, or body lotions. For packaging applications that cannot compromise on content preservation, Dow combines this technology with barrier solutions in structures that are designed for recyclability.

Packaging Solutions made of Recyclates

Environmental protection, sustainability and recycling are an ongoing issue and one that concerns us all. Simply throwing raw materials away should and must be avoided. The European Union has realized this too and has consequently put a regulation into effect to encourage the use of recyclates (also called secondary raw materials). It goes without saying that MENSHEN supports these activities and has for some time been testing the use of various different recyclates for a variety of packaging components. Some of these are already being implemented in closure solutions. The majority of plastic manufacturers have recognized the importance of this issue as well and offer a wide range of different recyclates with various properties and capabilities. These have been recovered from household packaging materials or from industrial plastics, or collected in separate waste bins or bags. The recycled plastic has the same properties as new plastics: it is just as tight, impervious and robust, and it can be processed, printed or finished in exactly the same way as a conventional plastic. To be in a position to offer our customers and the consumer recyclates in the highest possible quality and the best possible properties, MENSHEN have set themselves the task of conscientiously scrutinizing all the options to ensure that they can continue to manufacture and supply closure solutions in the customary MENSHEN quality.

MENSHEN is agile & fast

There are some days you would welcome more of. After all, what could be nicer than getting a surprise award? For more than 45 years, MENSHEN have been producing the closures for numerous HENKEL products. And during this time, we have continuously grown with this international organization with headquarters in Düsseldorf. Brands such as Persil, Fa, Gliss Kur or Perwoll are kept tightly closed with plastic closures made by MENSHEN. Just being able to accompany such an internationally active, well-known organization over the decades is already a distinction that signifies the quality of MENSHEN products and services. A few years ago, exceptionally reliable and efficient partner companies were nominated by HENKEL as their “Partners of Choice”. In the “rigid plastics” sector, only 15 companies from the plastic injection molding and plastic blow-molding industry worldwide had this honor. And MENSHEN was and is one of them. But that’s not all by far. Of these 15 globally located companies, the inter-divisional and transnational business units of HENKEL determined the four winners in each of four different categories. And the best thing: MENSHEN was the winner in one of these categories. In the “Agility & Speed” segment, MENSHEN was acclaimed by HENKEL as their leading partner, thus highlighting the energy, the fast response time and the agility of the MENSHEN team. A distinction we are proud of and one that motivates us to continue giving our best.

MENSHEN is global market leader for plastic closures and system packaging

South Westphalia is one of the most important industrial regions in Germany. The companies in the administrative districts of Olpe, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Soest, Hochsauerland and the Märkische Kreis together constitute the region with the greatest industrial density in North Rhine-Westphalia, which itself is also at the very forefront in comparison to the rest of Germany.

This region is home to numerous enterprises, some of which have been leading the global market with their innovative products for many decades. And thanks to their strong culture of innovation and excellent customer relations, MENSHEN – the global market leader for plastic closures, coffee capsules and injection-molded packaging components - is one of these companies. The producers of leading branded products all over the world count on MENSHEN products.

With future-oriented new developments such as intelligent dosage and valve systems, trend-setting pouch closures and unsurpassed product and service quality, MENSHEN is a dominant partner for customers in the cosmetic, chemicals, cleaning and laundry detergent industries as well as in the food and beverage sector. In this, not only do we set standards in design, function and safety, but also where sustainability is concerned.

As an organization managed and characterized by its owner family, MENSHEN has been synonymous with down-to-earth, sound competence, sustainability, enterprise, diversity and commitment for more than 45 years. But additionally, and in particular, for global presence.

As a result, MENSHEN is one of the 166 global market leaders from the region. Even more gratifying is the fact that our affiliated company, STAUFF in Werdohl, has likewise been distinguished as a global market leader in the field of fastening systems for pipe and hose clamps in the hydraulics sector.


With MENSHEN news, you can stay in the loop and find out the most important news about MENSHEN and our products.

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