MENSHEN again award-winning training company in 2019

The apprentices at Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG have given their company a top reference

For the sixth time in succession, MENSHEN was awarded the "Training Organization of Excellence" certificate by ertragswerkstatt GmbH. Numerous renownded corporations again participated with the goal of receiving this coveted title from their trainees. The aim is to provide young people with a meaningful orientation aid in selecting the right training organization for them. At the same time, it gives companies the opportunity to present their training efforts and achievements, thus helping would-be apprentices to decide on their future career. What is especially characteristic for Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG in Finnentrop is that the majority of its trainees identify with the company and gave it excellent ratings as regards commitment, loyalty and social interaction. The central element of this certification involves interviews with the trainees in which they rate their training situation based on the criteria that are of importance to a good apprenticeship, for instance, image, general satisfaction with their employer, but also topics such as appreciation, training content, salary, future prospects, co-determination and workload. In the end, the qualification of its junior staff is a decisive key factor for the company's success, giving even greater significance to the "Training Organization of Excellence 2019" certificate.


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