MENSHEN takes its responsibility for the protection of the environment and sustainability seriously

MENSHEN puts up hives on the Plettenberg-Kahley and Sundern-Hagen sites.

(Finnentrop) Species extinction is up to 1,000 times faster than the natural evolutionary loss. There are too many detrimental influences which are the cause of a sudden collapse of entire bee colonies.

We take counteractive measures not only in sustainable energy management but also by actions for improving the ecological balance.

Together with the start-up company BEE-RENT, MENSHEN puts up colonies of bees at the Plettenberg-Kahley and Sundern-Hagen sites. The bees will spend the winter in closed boxes and will resume their important work in the next spring. A BeeRent staff member takes care of the bees. The bees are and remain the property of BeeRent; however, MENSHEN receives the honey harvested from the environment of the site and will give them to customers and staff members as a "Greeting from the Sauerland".

We use resources from our region such as water and energy, Simone Hesener says, and wish to make sure that our cultural landscape is preserved. We will make further contributions for ensuring this.


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